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Mr EGHBAL was recommended to me by a friend who had success with certain problems using energetics. I ended up doing several sessions with Mr. EGHBAL by telephone and I found him very open and a deep listener. He was able to make connections for me that I hadn’t been able to see before and those ideas were definitely helpful in my process. Overall, I was very pleased with the work he performed and would recommend his services. Many thanks, Professor!

Très professionnel, très efficace

Après avis de mon médecin traitant qui m’a donné les coordonnées de Mr EGHBAL, j’ai testé des séances d’hypnose pour me calmer après beaucoup de travail chez mon employeur. Après quelques séances, je vais mieux et vais faire. Merci à M Eghbal…

Expérience vécue le 18 février 2020
La vie est un cadeau , l ‘entretenir avec l’hypnose est précieux. Retrouver cette lumière qui est en soi. Un grand merci à M EGHBAL qui connait parfaitement son métier et accompagne les personnes sur le long chemin de la guérison. Pour comprendre il faut oser essayer. La réponse est en vous laisser vous guider.

Super expérience, je me suis débarrassé de mes problèmes et J’ai appris des techniques qui me permettent au quotidien de poursuivre ce travail sur moi quand j’en ai envie ou besoin. Mille merci

il est un Hypnothérapeute efficace et à l’écoute. il m’a accueillie dans un cadre calme et serein, où j’ai pu tout de suite me sentir à l’aise. Son approche m’a permis d’avancer de mon côté, il m’a donné des outils pour améliorer ma vie quotidiennement, et cela a eu un impact incroyable. Je la remercie du fond du cœur de son accompagnement, qui continue a changer ma vie, petit pas par petit pas.

M EGHBAL helped me immensely to relax and get out of my life. It helped me eliminate mindsets and limitations related to money, self-love, and self-worth. It helped me become independent and creditworthy for the first time in my life. After a few remote sessions with him, I started my own business and in a short time I got many referrals. Money started coming in, in ways I couldn’t have imagined, and in ways that brought me great joy.

M EGHBAL played a vital role in improving my life and health. I would not have been able to overcome and free myself from 2 addictions in my life without M EGHBAL. He made what seemed impossible possible. It’s amazing I recommend it

Working with Master EGHBAL changed my life! EGHBAL has the gift of being able to identify and alleviate multiple areas of discomfort ranging from health issues to traumatic memories, negative beliefs and everything in between. Mr. EGHBAL worked on all of these areas during my sessions, and I have experienced so much help and healing from his work.

I did a Google search to find an energetic hypnotist for my personal problems lodged in my head, so I called the first name on the list I came across Master Mohammed EGHBAL Master Hypnotherapist, Master Sophrologist, Energetician, Magnetizer at Cergy not far from my home. I could sense a disturbing kindness from the intonation of his voice on the phone…Curiosity pushed me to read the reviews and the desire to make an appointment came to me instantly.

I really enjoyed my time with Mr. EGHBAL more than I thought I would, and my expectations were high. He gave me perspectives, ways of thinking, tools and practices that helped me grow in a very short time. Looking forward to more. THANKS!!

I went to see Mr EGHBAL for a childhood trauma, I was skeptical at first but he was able to listen to me and do what was necessary to calm my mind to help me I start to find a change session after session, I evolve my state of mind and be positive in my life

I consulted Mr Eghbal about my fear of depths in water and because of that I never knew how to swim, today I am moving much faster and learning to swim without fear, the work of hypnosis and energy that Mr. Eghbal gave me after a few sessions made me disappear this fear and other fears that were anchored in me, as well as persistent pain in the lower abdomen on the left side. I have a lot more confidence in myself. Thank you Mr Eghbal.

To say the least, Professor EGHBAL changed my life in just a few sessions. I have endured a phobia since childhood and recent encounters have left me almost incapable of functioning at times.

When I first contacted M EGHBAL, I felt stuck, unmotivated and had very little self-confidence. I didn’t really know what to expect but I knew I had to do something! I can now say without a doubt that I no longer feel stuck

A very warm and kind welcome. From the first session the effects were felt, I am not disappointed with my decision to try hypnotherapy. A big thank you to M.EGHBAL.

Very good practitioner! Mr. Eghbal listens to his patients and treats ailments in depth. He knows how to ask the right questions to get to the bottom of what really makes us sick. I needed several sessions to treat what was eating away at me. The beneficial effects were felt from the first session. Even after the last session, things continue to evolve positively. My subconscious was accompanied towards healing and continues to move forward for the better. And this would not have happened without the help of Mr. Eghbal. I really recommend this hypnotist, he will be able to accompany you on the path to healing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️

Varied and pleasant sessions which were useful to me. Again, thank you very much Master Eghbal.

Caring, professional, attentive to his patients. He was able to detect my ailments. I recommend it.

A professional who listens and is always available. Thank you again for your attention and kindness. I recommend ++

I consulted Mr. Eghbal because I suffered from amaxophobhia, this fear of driving became a real handicap for me, after a few sessions with Mr. Eghbal I was able to find the strength to overcome this phobia, he listens , with unparalleled kindness, the follow-up support pleasantly surprised me because one day when I would have to drive more than 1 hour to get to my internship location, I received an SMS asking me how it happened. after the journey,… A simple message but with kindness ++ this man really cares about others and that is what distinguishes him from other therapists… Thank you

Very good experience and it helped me!

Musab EleewaMusab Eleewa
22:27 30 May 24
M Eghbal is an incredible hypnotherapist! It was the first time I had experienced hypnotherapy and I was not sure if I could be "put under"... but, because Mr. Eghbal is very intuitive and very effective, he managed to immerse myself in a deep state of hypnosis...
Dr Sa8rDr Sa8r
10:58 30 May 24
EGHBAL was awesome! I got her information from my mechanic wife who had 2 friends she worked with. I did some research and saw the great reviews. I haven't smoked since our session and I'm still amazed. So glad I went with him!
Saman EbdaliSaman Ebdali
08:04 30 May 24
Remote consultation: M EGHBAL really likes to change lives. This shows in his work. He goes out of his way to make sure he answers the questions and addresses the issues you came for. He really listens to what you need and delivers. It doesn't matter whether you believe it works or just does. That works! I highly recommend M EGHBAL. If you need fast results, try this wellness professional!
Mina EbdaliMina Ebdali
07:59 30 May 24
I owe my recovery and current health condition to Master EGHBAL and these treatment methods, as I have tried many ways to treat my illnesses, which includes hepatic hemangioma (mass in the liver), uterine cyst (large cyst) and thyroid. . . I have been suffering from this problem for two years. First of all, I used chemical drugs, which had no results apart from the many side effects of the drugs! Then I tried traditional medicine and herbal medicine, but still did not achieve the desired result because my illness was rooted in childhood phobias, emotional failures and past traumas... From the beginning of the sessions with Master EGHBAL, I have noticed many improvements and changes. In 8 therapy sessions with him, my illnesses were completely cured and he healed my soul. I was able to heal all the emotional wounds from my past. I am very happy and thank God that I was able to meet Master EGHBAL through one of my friends in France and to receive online therapy from Iran. I recommend this treatment method to all people who are looking for the root treatment of diseases through soul healing.Professor EGHBAL You were my saving angel, thank you very much.
Abdu JrAbdu Jr
00:06 30 May 24
M EGHBAL helped me achieve in one month what I could not achieve on my own in more than 10 years. Quite surprised by the results. If you find yourself "stuck" in life, unable to achieve a certain goal, or just need to "get your head in the game", I highly recommend Mr. Eghbal.
Amb SkAmb Sk
23:33 28 May 24
First of all, I extend all respect to Mr. Mohammad EGHBAL, who, through his treatment center, was able to relieve me of pain, fatigue, and suffering... He is a wonderful person, very cooperative, professional and distinguished in his work... and during his treatment I feel as if he is someone close to me and a member of my family... and this He gave me a lot of support and resilience to overcome my ordeal and crisis... Many thanks
Black StBlack St
17:29 28 May 24
I extend my sincere thanks to this expert professor who was able to solve my problem and crisis with all professionalism and skill... All thanks, respect and appreciation, Mr. Muhammad Iqbal
Naima BenzaimNaima Benzaim
17:51 18 May 24
I felt beyond help... Impossible for me to control and understand my panic attacks. I was recommended hypnosis and I must admit that I didn't want to believe it. Being desperate and exhausted from fighting alone, I contacted M EGHBAL....I don't know how to thank you for simply teaching me to trust myself, thank you for understanding what was eating away at me....What a great meeting!!
Hamzeh EleewaHamzeh Eleewa
23:02 08 May 24
Ms. Eghbal truly enjoys changing lives. This shows in his work. He goes out of his way to make sure he answers the questions and addresses the issues you came for. He really listens to what you need and delivers. It doesn't matter whether you believe it works or just does. That works! I highly recommend Mr. Eghbal. If you need fast results, try hypnosis!
Bénédicte PENTHERBénédicte PENTHER
05:01 04 May 24
Mr. EGHBAL knows!!He knows how you feel, he knows what your needs are. He knows how to conduct his sessions in order to bring you to an inner change whose effects take hold gradually.He welcomes you with kindness and accompanies you with great attention.The positive effects of hypnosis continue to spread between each session.You feel good, in the right place and with the right practitioner.A big thank-you.